GENESIS, The blockchain native project based on medical and body data by Ruby Rhizome

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Launching on the 16th of July, the GENESIS Collection by Ruby Rhizome will take audiences on a captivating journey into the intersection of art, technology, and the human experience. This collection stands as a testament to the profound realization of life’s fragility and the beauty of existence, born from the artist’s deeply personal transformative journey.

Ruby is a multidisciplinary artist from Serbia exploring the intersection of the human and digital realms, with a focus on the body as a physical manifestation of inner and intimate human states.

The sale is presented in collaboration with Galleria Perpetua, an Italian innovative start-up specializing in curation and consultancy in the field of digital art.

The release of the 33 pieces will take place in a dedicated exhibition, within the GP world on the Foundation marketplace.Collectors registered on the whitelist will also be able to reserve one of the 33 works in the presale phase with an exclusive discount.

To subscribe to the whitelist, simply fill out the form by clicking on the following link.

Inspired by a personal medical journey, Rhizome found exceptional aesthetic appeal in the medical data resulting from an urgent surgery. What began as a fascination with the visual aspects of ECG lines and medical diagrams evolved into a deeper exploration of the connection between the human body and nature.

Drawing inspiration from John Ernest Weaver’s ecological insights, Rhizome discovered correlations between the human body, soil, and heartbeats, symbolizing life and animus. This revelation led to the experimentation of intertwining ECG results, resembling roots, thunder, leaves, veins, and even umbilical cords. Each artwork in the GENESIS Collection reflects the artist’s energy and emotions captured synesthetically through colors, shapes, and movement.

Utilizing digital manipulation techniques, Rhizome transformed her own heartbeat data into visual forms, overlaying them onto X-ray scans of her chest. The resulting artworks serve as unique reflections of specific moments in the artist’s life, each carrying a timestamp and the artist’s signature. By infusing human touch into the blockchain, Rhizome aims to brid ge the gap between the intimate and the digital, illustrating the interconnectedness of personal data and shared experiences.

Through research in cymatics, Rhizome further explored the manifestation of vibration and frequency in physical shapes, integrating sacred geometry and sound frequency patterns into the collection. The result is a harmonious blend of visually discernible medical data and organic warmth, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all forms of life and energy.

Every collector of the digital artwork will be able to claim its phygital version, a print of the artwork authenticated on blockchain thanks to the new T.R.A.C.E technology developed by transient lab.

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The GENESIS Collection invites viewers to contemplate the beauty and fragility of existence while celebrating the unique journey of each heartbeat. By transcending the boundaries between art, technology, and personal experience, Ruby Rhizome offers a profound exploration of the human condition.

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